"ministering to men and women of a single heart"
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Single Heart Ministry was begun in July 2003 by
Pastors David and Margaret Brown
as the Singles Ministry of
Raleigh Christian Community Church
located at
7000 Destiny Drive, Raleigh, NC

We currently meet on the
2nd and 4th Sundays
at 6:00pm at
1009 Poplar Creek Trail, Raleigh, NC 27610
Those trying Single Heart for the first time are
often surprised to discover that we are not
traditional singles group that
you might expect.

As our name suggests, we are more about developing
a personal and intimate relationship, what we
call a "single heart" relationship with the
Lord Jesus Christ, than it is about the
issues of being unmarried.

If you are a single adult, and are anxious to find other
Christ-minded individuals in the Raleigh area, we
invite you to try Single Heart.  With our focus
on Fellowship, Bible Study and Fervent may be surprised at
what you discover in your
own heart!
Raleigh Christian Community Church, 7000 Destiny Drive, Raleigh, NC
Pastor David W. Brown, B.A., Th.B.
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