"ministering to men and women of a single heart"
Raleigh Christian Community Church, 7000 Destiny Drive, Raleigh, NC
Pastor David W. Brown, B.A., Th.B.
"I have been at Single Heart since day one.  There are some
definitely one of them.  

Single Heart has provided a path to fulfill my spiritual needs
through the leadership and guidance of Pastor David Brown.  
My own Christian being has become stronger through my are
uncovered in front of our very eyes.  

We actually have a group where the pouring out of the Holy
Spirit is abundant each week and the miraculous movement of
God is seen and felt!"  ~ KS
"If I ever had any doubt that RCC and Single Heart
Ministry might be where God was directing me, all was
settled when you prayed Sunday Night.  Yes, I'm in the right
place.  Thank you for bringing God's message, for your faith,
your words, your ministry."  ~ JW
"Never before have I experienced a fellowship and study group
where there is such a feeling of family, unity and love among its
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
"Single Heart is a real family atmosphere.  The Bible Study and
teaching are both outstanding and have helped me to grow in my
Christian walk."  ~ MD
I have been at Single Heart since the first
meeting.  The awesome Bible Study, prayer
time and fellowship is a vital part of my
Christian walk.  David married us in their
front yard and Margaret was my maid of
honor.  My week is not complete without
Single Heart!  ~ BP